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Kidney Health Blog

If you have kidney problems, you’re probably wondering how to incorporate protein into your diet. Registered dietician and renal nutrition specialist Jen Hernandez is here to share 3 kidney-friendly protein tips! But first… What is Protein and Why do We Need it?  Protein is one of the three important macro ingredients that humans need for […]

We welcome back Board-Registered Renal Dietician, Jen Hernandez. This time, to teach us how to shop foods for kidney health, locally. Why? Shopping for kidney-friendly fruits and vegetables in season is healthy and easier on your wallet! Shop Local!   Shopping for produce grown in your area is a great way to save money: Without shipping […]

If you are struggling to find a delicious, kidney-friendly dessert look no further! This Chia Seed Pudding is not only tasty and customizable, but it’s also healthy! Most people find a low or no sugar diet incredibly difficult to live by. Despite warnings from our doctors, there’s something about a sweet treat that’s almost impossible […]

If you have kidney problems, figuring out the best carbohydrates for you can be confusing! Don’t worry! Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Renal Nutritionist, Jen Hernandez, is here to answer your most pressing questions! The Best Carbs for People with Kidney Problems What’s Next? Following your doctor’s orders, taking your prescriptions, and eating properly but […]

Changing for the better! Kidney illness doesn’t have to stop your loved one from living the life of their dreams. By making a few smart changes to diet and forming some overall healthy habits, patients with Kidney Illness can keep enjoying their lives. Because these changes can benefit anyone, consider asking for support by encouraging […]

Reading a food label doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming! Our guest, Registered Dietitian and Board-Certified Renal Nutritionist, Jen Hernandez, is here to show us how to read food labels for kidney health. A healthy diet is crucial for people that need to be mindful of their kidney health. When the kidneys stop working, they […]