How to care for your Kidneys?

How to care for your Kidneys

Be active: The perfect balance between mind and body is vital for day-to-day activities. An idle mind yields nothing but unproductive hours throughout the day. Get involved in some physical activity, not only will it boosts your immunity but also helps in removing lethargy.

Eat Healthily: People usually ignore it but eating healthy contributes towards a well-balanced lifestyle. Overconsumption of fat-rich foods can affect your body’s proactive state. Fat-rich foods are notorious for making your body lethargic and do more harm than good. Avoiding fat-rich foods and switch to healthy options such as fruits, vegetables, etc.

Stop Smoking: Smoking has various negative impacts on your body. It weakens your respiratory system and can impact other parts of your body. Smoking is linked with Kidney issues too; it is known to impair the functionalities of Kidneys as well. Stop smoking to avoid terrible health issues that might crop up in the future.

Limit Alcohol: Alcohol is one of the significant health hazards for your body. Alcohol affects some of the vital organs of the body such as Liver, Stomach and weakens them to the extent that they are unable to perform their functions in the body. Reduce your consumption of alcohol to avoid any negative impact on the organs and your overall health.

Manage your Diabetes: Managing your blood sugar levels can be a tedious task. Diabetes can pose a serious problem if not handled properly; it can fuel other diseases as well such as Obesity and Hypertension. Keep a check on your diabetes, use certain devices like Glucometers but only under the supervision of a specialized doctor.

Aim for a healthy weight: Obesity is linked to various health problems. Obesity fuels lethargy in your body and contributes to various heart -related diseases. An obese person is more likely to suffer from a heart stroke than a non-obese person. Exercise regularly to reduce obesity, maintain a healthy weight.

Have a healthy blood pressure: High Blood Pressure (also known as “Hypertension”) is a severe problem that can produce other forms of diseases. Some examples are Heart failure and Dementia. Keeping a sound check on your blood pressure helps you in avoiding not only Hypertension but also wards off any other disease related to Hypertension.

Know your family’s kidney health history: Various health issues might get passed on from one generation to another generation. Make sure that you know your family’s health history. The reason being that it helps to identify whether you have a chance of having the Kidney health issues that might be running in your family. A proper check of Family health history also paves the way for the preventive measures you can take to prevent your Kidney from being damaged in the future.

Take medication as prescribed: Prescribed medications effectively take on the disease and uproot it before it initiates any harm to your body. Never follow medications other than the prescribed ones. Always take them as directed by your health care professional! Still, complete the course of therapy.

See your doctor or Healthcare Professional for regular checkups: No one is invincible. When it comes to personal health, do not overlook any symptom you develop as it can snowball into a serious health

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