Proper Food for Kidneys: No “kidding” with Kidneys.

Proper Food for Kidneys

Awful We as humans love to devour a delicious meal. We cannot get enough of the oil-dripped French fries or chicken wings! However, our unhealthy eating habits can have devastating consequences on our organs, like the Kidneys. Our Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of our body. They filter waste keep a check on the number of essential body fluids. Kidneys are involved in maintaining the immunity of our body, too. Enough said, let us now jump into the awful impact junk foods can have on our Kidneys. Majority of oily foods and soft drinks contain minerals like salt, which impacts our Sodium, Potassium, and Sugar levels.

We take sodium in the form of salt. Salt is notorious for Blood Pressure or “Hypertension.” Studies have shown that excess salt intake disables Kidneys to retain essential proteins in the body thus allowing them to pass in Urine (1). Experimental reports also indicate that Sodium directly impacts the Kidneys and degrades its functioning (2). Excessive Salt intake is especially dangerous to those with uncontrolled blood glucose levels and High Blood Pressure. Sodium is known to accelerate the damage on Kidneys, pushing it towards total organ failure (3). Salt intake can also make you prone to Osteoporosis; Sodium weakens Kidneys to the extent that they allow Calcium proteins to flow into Urine (4).

Next up, Potassium. Potassium is responsible for controlling muscles including Heart Muscles (5). Potassium is needed but not in excess. If the Kidneys fail to filter extra Potassium, it can result in muscle cramps, leading to serious Heart issues (6). Although Potassium is an essential mineral for your body, it need not go beyond a certain level in your body.

Having discussed the details, let us see the quantity of these minerals in Foods. Salt is the most cherished mineral. People consume much salt in fast foods like French fries, Burgers. Even in regular meals, Salt is added to increase the flavor. The more you take salt, the more prone you are to Kidneys health issues.

Potassium occurs mostly in Red meat, Eggs, and Fish. Although Potassium is necessary for immunity of the body, if its quantity overshoots, the results can be harmful to Kidney health. The non-vegetarian foods need to be in adequate quantities in our diet.

Sugar occurs naturally in fruits. Most of the confectionaries have loads of Sugar as a main ingredient. There is no need in reiterating the details of Sugar’s role in managing uncontrolled blood glucose levels. Mostly, people consume Sugar through dairy products and sweetmeats. Dairy products like milk and yogurt contain an exceptional amount of Sugar; consumption should be appropriate. The danger is with sweets like candies, pastries that possess a ridiculous amount of Sugar. The use of such sweets should be in proper check. Failing to keep a test can damage your Kidneys to an irreparable extent.

We now know which food to limit or avoid, let us talk about what kind of foods we should consume more often to prevent any Kidney health issue. Include more fiber-rich foods like Wholegrain breakfast cereals; Fruits such as berries, pears, melons, oranges; peas, beans, pulses. Research has shown that consumption of such foods, not only keeps your Kidney healthy but also avoids the risk of some cancers, strengthens the count of good bacteria which is vital for your gut health (7).

In conclusion, having perfect Kidney health is not an uphill task. You need to be cautious about the type of food you are consuming. The inclusion of a healthy fiber-rich diet and limiting unhealthy junk food can work wonders for the health of your Kidneys. Your Kidney health is in your hands, do not take it for granted.




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