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Stay Calm and Keep it Cool!

Summer heat won't impact 
the effectiveness of Renadyl™

Dear Kibow Community Member,


Renadyl™ is a unique and effective dietary supplement formulated to support kidney function with a blend of natural ingredients, including probiotics. Proper storage is crucial to maintain potency and effectiveness, and high temperatures can be a concern during the summer months.


But we have good news! Renadyl™ comes in a specially-designed bottle made to keep it shelf-stable for up to 15 days, even at high temperatures. Our innovative bottle technology ensures that Renadyl™ remains stable and effective during transit, regardless of the temperature. Renadyl™ is formulated with your health in mind: we’ve taken every measure to ensure it remains safe and effective during shipment and storage!


Upon arrival, Renadyl™ must be refrigerated to ensure optimal efficacy. We recommend a storage temperature between 39°-45°F (4°-8°C) to maintain the potency of the probiotic. Please note that Renadyl™ should not be frozen, as this may cause condensation to build up inside the bottle, affecting its quality and efficacy. So, be sure to avoid freezing and refrigerate your Renadyl™ upon arrival to keep it at its best!


To sum up, Renadyl™ is a reliable and effective supplement designed to support kidney function, even in the summer. Our advanced bottle technology keeps Renadyl™ stable and safe during transit, while refrigeration helps to maintain its potency and effectiveness after opening. So, you can trust Renadyl™ to support your kidney function and enjoy your summer with peace of mind!



Team Kibow