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Renadyl™ – Supporting the Kidneys

Renadyl™ is supporting the kidneys by helping Colon. When the body digests food, waste products are left behind in the bloodstream.

Since the waste can be harmful to the body, it is usually filtered out of the blood by the kidneys and passed as urine. However, when kidneys are damaged, the toxic waste (or toxins) builds up in the blood. Eventually, these toxins wind up in the colon. When toxin levels increase above the normal range, they can cause a host of serious health problems.

In ideal health, the body will evenly divide any uremic toxins in the system between the blood and colon’s lumen (gastrointestinal [GI] tract). If the kidneys are diseased, however, there may be high levels of these toxins in the blood. Because there are more toxins in the blood, more toxins eventually make it into the colon. The patented enteric toxin reduction technology found in Renadyl™ uses these toxins to feed the probiotics and helps them grow in size and number. This “army of probiotics” helps transport more toxins through the colon’s lumen and out of the body with feces.

Step-by-step look at how Renadyl™ helps the body excrete the harmful toxins

  • When the kidney becomes impaired or damaged from disease, uremic toxins build up in the blood. Large numbers of these toxins make it into the colon because of the extensive network of blood vessels that surround it.
  • Once Renadyl™ enters the GI tract, probiotic microbes are released from its gastric acid resistant capsule Renadyl™ – Supporting the kidneys and enter the large intestine.
  • Once in the colon, the microbes target and metabolize the uremic nitrogenous wastes as nutrients for probiotic growth.
  • As they metabolize the uremic toxins, the microbes begin to multiply and this in turn allows for even a greater diffusion of toxins into the bowel.
  • Eventually, the metabolized toxins are carried down through the bowel and out of the body as solid waste, sparing the compromised kidneys of the burden.

Recommended dosage of Renadyl™

With the improved Renadyl™ formulation, take 1-2 capsules twice daily with a meal, or as suggested by your healthcare professional. It is important to note that Renadyl™ should be used for a full 3 months to receive its full benefits.

Renadyl™ – supporting the kidneys
“For my patients, Renadyl™ has improved their quality of life. It’s improved their numbers, it’s made them feel better and I believe it’s also helping other markers of total body health: lower uric acid, helping with gout, help lower high blood pressure.”
- Dr. Richard Snyder
(D.O., Nephrology)
How Renadyl™ helps with its Proprietary Probiotics
Renadyl™ is a patented and proprietary probiotics dietary supplement that has been scientifically formulated and clinically tested. Renadyl™ metabolizes nitrogenous waste that has diffused from the bloodstream into the bowel. Nitrogenous wastes are utilized by Renadyl™ as nutrients. As probiotics grow and multiply, they consume more nitrogenous waste and therefore effectively help maintain healthy kidney function. The nitrogenous metabolites are eliminated as solid waste/fecal matter.
Every Capsule of Renadyl™ contains..
45 Billion CFUs
High concentration of probiotic microbes aka Colony-forming Units (CFUs)
2 Prebiotic Fibers
to promote the growth of the probiotics found in Renadyl™ and your own beneficial gut microbes.
3 Proprietary Strains
of helpful Bacteria selected by science for their ability to metabolize nitrogenous waste.

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