Healthy kidneys

Healthy Kidneys, Healthy You

Renadyl– A Probiotic and Prebiotic Natural Kidney Health Supplement

Supports healthy kidney function and quality of life by reducing uremic toxins like creatinine, urea, and uric acid.*

  • Clinically studied and Nephrologist recommended
  • Formulated with unique and patented toxic-reducing microbes
  • All-natural, Gluten-free, Sugar-free, and Non-GMO


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We have good news! Renadyl™ comes in a specially-designed bottle to keep it shelf-stable for up to 15 days, even at high temperatures.


Clinical Trials


Billion CFUs


Years in Expertise



Renadyl maintains healthy kidney function and quality
of life.

Three clinical trials and three customer surveys have proved Renadyl’s™ effectiveness.

How Renadyl™ Works

3 steps for Better Kidney Health

The microbes in Renadyl™ help in metabolizing nitrogenous wastes and toxins thereby reducing stress on Kidneys


Improve Gut Bacteria


Metabolize toxins


Reduce Stress on Kidneys
Dr.Richard Snyder HCP
“For my patients, Renadyl™ has improved their quality of life. It’s improved their numbers, it’s made them feel better and I believe it’s also helping other markers of total body health: lower uric acid, helping with gout, help lower high blood pressure.”
Dr. Richard Snyder
(D.O., Nephrology)

Every Capsule contains…

Renadyl’s™ patented “Intestinal Dialysis™” (a.k.a Enteric Dialysis®). This helps in the removal of toxins and nitrogenous wastes from the body.

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45 Billion CFUs
High concentration of probiotic microbes aka Colony-forming Units (CFUs)
2 Prebiotic Fibers
To promote the growth of the probiotics found in Renadyl and your own beneficial gut microbes.
3 Proprietary Strains
Of helpful Bacteria selected by science for their ability to metabolize nitrogenous waste.

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