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Changing for the better! Kidney illness doesn’t have to stop your loved one from living the life of their dreams. By making a few smart changes to diet and forming some overall healthy habits, patients with Kidney Illness can keep enjoying their lives. Because these changes can benefit anyone, consider asking for support by encouraging […]

 “Erin go bragh” \ ˌer-ən-gə-ˈbrȯ  , -gō-ˈbrä  \ Ireland for Ever St. Patrick’s Day and kidney problems may not pop up on everyone’s mind during the festivities. After all, St. Patrick’s Day is when people of Irish descent celebrate their heritage with parades, drinking, eating, and comradery. It is a day meant for fun, but if you have kidney […]

If you suffer from kidney problems, exercising might be the last thing on your mind. Not only are you busy with life, doctor’s appointments, and treatments, you may also worry that exercising might worsen your kidneys. In many circumstances, however, that is not the case and we’re here to help you find the perfect workout […]

Reading a food label doesn’t have to be confusing or overwhelming! Our guest, Registered Dietitian and Board-Certified Renal Nutritionist, Jen Hernandez, is here to show us how to read food labels for kidney health. A healthy diet is crucial for people that need to be mindful of their kidney health. When the kidneys stop working, they […]

Living with health problems can obviously take a toll on physical health, but it can also radically change the way people think and feel about themselves and the world. It’s easy to give in and let tough circumstances conquer us, but there are so many people who take their challenges in stride and live meaningful, […]

If you’re living with kidney problems, chances are, you’re not consuming enough fiber. The renal diet may make it difficult for you to monitor your fiber intake due to food limitations, but adding a prebiotic to your diet may be an easy solution to this issue. Why is fiber so important? Fiber is important for […]