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Few “super foods” along the way that can help manage the symptoms As we continue to learn more and more about chronic diseases, and their symptoms. We have discovered a few “super foods” along the way that can help manage the symptoms, via protection against oxidative stress. Oxidation itself is not bad, as oxidation reactions […]

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Among the numerous foods that have been shown to worsen kidney problems, red meat is considered one of the worst offenders. Although current guidelines state that limiting protein consumption can help delay the progression of kidney problems, more research needs to be done to understand why.  “Red Meat Intake and Risk of ESRD*” That’s what […]

Climate Change May Contribute to Rising Rates of Chronic Kidney Disease Climate change may be accelerating rates of chronic kidney disease by way of increased dehydration rates and incidences of heat-related difficulties. According to the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, this could become a major cause of poor kidney health in the […]

Renadyl™, Kibow® Fortis™, Kibow® Flora and Azodyl®) are now being increasingly recognized globally. But what about PRE-biotics? To put it simply they’re vital substances that probiotic bacteria need to flourish. As a recently published newspaper article on the subject puts it: It’s not enough to just get beneficial bacteria into your body. To make sure these […]

Editor’s Note: We’re glad to share feedback from a happy user who wrote in to tell of how Kibow Flora has helped improve her health.   “I do believe Kibow Flora is helping with my allergies. The probiotic, in addition to my daily allergy medication, has prevented me from getting sick for the past few months! […]