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A recent study, published in the January issue of BMC Nephrology, reported that up to 53% of people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) experience musculoskeletal pain for periods of 3 months or more. Researchers from Taiwan recently published a study of 456 patients with CKD and attributed the pain to high levels (above 8.0 mg/dl) of uric […]

Editor’s note: Our guest blogger, examining a new study about the relationship between Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and musculoskeletal pain. Advice about controlling the levels of uric acid, phosphorus and calcium is provided.  I came upon natural treatments for kidney disease accidentally, as many people often do when conventional or allopathic medicine runs out of options to […]

The kidneys are one of the fattiest tissues in the body.  Only the brain is more concentrated in fat than the kidneys.  One of the most important ways to live a kidney-friendly lifestyle is to supply the body with good fats.  The right kind of fats can protect the kidney from damage and decrease the […]

In order to maintain optimal health, people should be taking various supplements depending on their needs. Many people with kidney disease have a belief that vitamins, minerals, and supplements are harmful to the kidney. This could not be further from the truth. Anyone with kidney disease, especially those with Stage III to V, and dialysis […]

Editor’s Note: Have you ever wondered why you feel tired so easily if your kidneys are not working well?  Or curious about how your kidney function affects the amount of oxygen in your body? In this post, our guest blogger Dr. Jenna Henderson explains in detail why anemia is caused by kidney disease and how […]

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affects approximately one in every eight individuals, or about 31 million individuals. This number is likely an underestimate as I believe many more remain underdiagnosed. With the increasing number of our younger generation being diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, and the obesity epidemic affecting one in every three individuals, those with kidney […]