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Probiotics and kidney health

A normal human digestive tract contains about 500–1000 (strains) of probiotic bacteria that control and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system. Some good bacteria are absolutely necessary for overall health and not just bowel health. Ideally, good bacteria crowd out bad bacteria that cause disease. Intestinal bacteria can benefit health by breaking down toxins, manufacturing vitamins, and defending against infection.

How do probiotics support the kidneys?

When the kidneys become overloaded and impaired, they are unable to filter blood efficiently and a buildup of poisonous waste, such as urea, uric acid, creatinine occurs within the bloodstream. Eventually these toxins diffuse into the colon. Certain probiotic microorganisms, such as those found in Renadyl™, can utilize these and other toxins as nutrients for growth within the colon.

Additionally probiotic microorganisms multiply when a food source is readily available and therefore can create greater diffusion of these uremic toxins from the circulating blood into the bowel as they increase in number. This increased microbial growth is excreted along with the feces (which is normally 50% microbes by weight).

Taking certain scientifically proven probiotics, like those found in Renadyl™, on a regular basis can help transform the colon into a blood-cleansing agent. By allowing the probiotics to bind to and break down the toxic waste that diffuses in the blood, the colon is able to indirectly remove the toxic waste and help eliminate it as fecal matter. This helps the body stay pure of toxins and helps alleviate strain on damaged kidneys.

Probiotics & Kidney Health
“For my patients, Renadyl™ has improved their quality of life. It’s improved their numbers, it’s made them feel better and I believe it’s also helping other markers of total body health: lower uric acid, helping with gout, help lower high blood pressure.”
- Dr. Richard Snyder
(D.O., Nephrology)
How Renadyl™ helps with its Proprietary Probiotics
Renadyl™ is a patented and proprietary probiotics dietary supplement that has been scientifically formulated and clinically tested. Renadyl™ metabolizes nitrogenous waste that has diffused from the bloodstream into the bowel. Nitrogenous wastes are utilized by Renadyl™ as nutrients. As probiotics grow and multiply, they consume more nitrogenous waste and therefore effectively help maintain healthy kidney function. The nitrogenous metabolites are eliminated as solid waste/fecal matter.
Every Capsule of Renadyl™ contains..
45 Billion CFUs
High concentration of probiotic microbes aka Colony-forming Units (CFUs)
2 Prebiotic Fibers
to promote the growth of the probiotics found in Renadyl™ and your own beneficial gut microbes.
3 Proprietary Strains
of helpful Bacteria selected by science for their ability to metabolize nitrogenous waste.

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