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I took 1 capsule at all 3 meals for 2 weeks and then increased to 2 capsules each meal with absolutely no untoward GI symptoms. I am also beginning to note an improvement in vascular function.
A physician based in California and a CKD patient
Had taken Renadyl™ for 6 months
I was losing a lot of weight and I was looking very yellow in the face. People were saying that I was looking already dead. And now I have color in my face. I look normal and my vitality has totally increased.
Barbara N
A patient using Renadyl™
My brother who is on dialysis every other day could not even stand on his legs. Since he started using Renadyl™ he is very healthy, walks well, legs look very well in circulation and he is enjoying much much better health. He believes he lives on because of the Renadyl™ when several of his friends at dialysis have already passed.
Reverend Fr. Philip K.
A patient using Renadyl™
STILL HOPING – My husband has been very pleased with Renadyl™ so far. He feels great and did not lose his energy despite his low protein diet. He has to wait another month to find out if his Creatinine has improved. He certainly misses having a good ribeye steak and some oysters. He is still hoping that someday he will be able to do so without causing any further damage to his kidneys.
Yolanda Valdez
A Renadyl™ user

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