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Awful We as humans love to devour a delicious meal. We cannot get enough of the oil-dripped French fries or chicken wings! However, our unhealthy eating habits can have devastating consequences on our organs, like the Kidneys. Our Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of our body. They filter waste keep a check […]

March was officially the “Kidney Month.” So, let us continue the discussion of perhaps one of the crucial organs of the human body, the Kidneys. People know Kidneys as the filter of the Human body. The primary responsibility of Kidneys is to filter waste from the body. However, that is not all. Kidneys function for […]

Kidney Illness develops when Kidneys are no longer able to filter properly. Let us look at how Kidneys gradually lose their functionalities. Kidneys constitute Nephrons, basic functional units of Kidneys that are responsible for all the filtering actions. Generally, our food involves a lot of sugar and fat. The primary function of our Kidneys is […]